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apple picking l punctuated. with food

Last weekend we went apple picking upstate, sharing a house with three other couples and their toddlers. It was one of those trips I’ll look back on fondly, recalling the cute kiddos chasing after each other and biting into just-picked apples, savoring still-warm apple cider donuts, and eating s’mores and playing board games with some of my favorite people after the kids went to sleep. Meanwhile, the memories of rain, toddler meltdowns, and failed meals resulting in decent-at-best takeout pizza will fade without making the long-term memory cut.

Getting out of the city was a good reminder to invest in experiences. It’s one of those things I’ve known for a long while but, especially now with two little ones in tow, have to make a real effort to put into action and reinforce. With no trips planned again until the end of the year, I think it’s time to plan a party!

apple picking l punctuated. with food

And since eating is an experience, here are some more ways to up your happiness:

I don’t think you need to be vegan to drool over this butternut queso. And now I want nachos.

If I’m feeling more adventurous than buckwheat granola, I will definitely try this superfood granola¬†and will totally make the homemade macadamia milk to go with it.

No-churn coffee ice cream! With circus animal cookie crumbs!

Pairing hummus with shakshuka is genius.

If the words¬†pumpkin chai latte don’t tempt you enough, how about clove caramel and maple whipped cream? And speaking of lattes, this spicy chocolate latte also sounds amazing.

Coolest lattice top, ever.

I love everything matcha but these mini brownies with matcha glaze are near the top of the list.

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