this week’s happiness xi

this week's happiness xi l punctuated. with food

On July 4th, the newest addition to our family, Ruby Elise, made her arrival. I gave birth to her in our home, assisted by the same wonderful midwife who delivered Zane just over two years ago.

Things so far have been…not horrible. Relative to my last experience with a newborn these first few weeks have been immeasurably easier, thanks in large part to a gracious, loving group of friends I feel indebted to and infinitely thankful for.

Know what else I’m thankful for? Not being pregnant anymore. This pregnancy felt like one long, mean, practical joke as one pain or discomfort followed the last, culminating in the last two nights before labor characterized by ALL OVER BODY ITCHING. I didn’t even know that was a potential pregnancy symptom, but sure enough it is.

It’s also uplifting to have my appetite back. Don’t get me wrong – when I was pregnant I had to eat more food, but I didn’t crave it and flavors were muted. It made it hard to do my work, yes, but even more impactful was the dulling effect on my day-to-day life. I am PUMPED that eating is actually fun again.

this week's happiness xi l punctuated. with food

Now that food tastes amazing and I’m hungry all the time, catching up on everyone’s recipes has been awesome/torture. Here I’ve narrowed down the most tempting creations my fellow bloggers have posted over the past month (or so…):

I made this gluten-free cherry clafoutis from Kimberly Hasselbrink’s Vibrant Food and it was devoured by company. (Recipe via Local Milk)

I pinned Ashley’s feta & herb chickpea quinoa sliders to make at our next party, but really I just want someone to bring them to me right now. (Not-so-subtle hint to my Brooklyn friends…)

I’m a sucker for porridge recipes. It’s like I never grew out of my days of following healthy living bloggers and their endless iterations of oatmeal.   I practically swooned over this vanilla bean millet porridge with lavender strawberries and super seeds on The First Mess and can’t wait to try all three breakfast oatmeals posted this week on Green Kitchen Stories, especially the carrot & rye version.

Dine X Design is my latest blog crush, exemplified by this parmesan dutch baby with truffle salt honey contributed by Sarah from The Sugar Hit. She always makes me want to use multiple exclamation points.

I want to put Blogging Over Thyme‘s strawberry glaze on everything.

I love blogs like My New Roots and Earthsprout that provide nutrition information in a motivational and beautiful way, although these matcha frappes from the latter are on my to-make-asap list regardless of health benefits.

And my absolute favorite over the past several weeks is Eva’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous post full of rich images of central Thailand plus a recipe for coconut milk custard.

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  1. […] Watermelon is a compelling candidate for this frozen dessert but what makes this version stand out is the sweetly spiced cardamom syrup drizzled just before serving. Now I want to put cardamom syrup on everything and to add cardamom to all things watermelon. I also want to make granita every week now that I know how ridiculously easy it is to make. I want a lot of things now that I’m hungry. […]

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