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Things are starting to slow down here. With Zane, I kept chugging along at my normal pace well past 40 weeks, but here I am at 36 weeks and walking the two city blocks from daycare exhausts me. The good news is my fatigue coincided with a planned decrease in work, so I’ve been trying to take it easy and squeeze in a little nesting here and there.

My favorite part of this week was receiving our first CSA haul of the season. Since I left farming we’ve been members of a wonderful food co-op in Brooklyn, but I really missed having the┬ámore direct connection to local agriculture. This first bag was a great reminder of what we loved about subscribing directly to a farm – the produce was so obviously fresh and I’m learning more about the Northeast’s seasonality. This week featured: garlic, garlic scapes, spinach, radishes, mint, cilantro, and (not pictured) a mix of lettuces. We also have a share of eggs, milk, yogurt, and butter. I don’t know to what degree I’ll be writing about the CSA, but I’ll be sure to at least include any recipes that come out of it or ideas for using the bounty.

And anytime I post the produce, whether here or on Instagram, pleeeeease offer up suggestions! Like garlic scapes – any fantastic recipes I need to know?

popsicle recipe testing l punctuated. with food

Aaaand now it’s back to a little more recipe testing before the work week comes to an end. I’ll leave you with my recent blog favorites:

Hoping to make these refreshing facial mists on Design Love Fest before Ruby arrives. And look at those gorgeous labels.

Anytime I’ve seen a recipe calling for warm or cooked avocado, I throw up in my mouth a little…until THIS. Another lovely vegan meal on The First Mess, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to put that sweet curry lemon sauce on everything.

I don’t even think I’ve ever had a blintz in my life, but I can imagine how satisfying it would be to eat Molly‘s rosemary ricotta blintzes with strawberry rhubarb sauce.

These days I’m craving more fruit and juice and incorporating them into most meals, like my overnight oats soaked in juice instead of milk, so this quinoa cooked with strawberries in orange juice on What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today sounds perfect.

A sweet snack for this weekend: lemon-lime curd with rosemary sables by Tess Huff for The Kitchn.

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