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Happy Friday! Let’s dive right in…

I had to take it easy this week so I didn’t create much (or, didn’t photograph much, I should say…), but several of my freelance articles went live so maybe it still looked like I was busy? I was especially pumped to share my first post for The Kitchn, a springy dish of minty pea + arugula wonton ravioli. I would love if you’d head over and even comment, if you’re so inclined.

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend visited last weekend, and it was wonderfully laid back. We enjoyed the mild weather with walks and park visits and went to bed at a reasonable hour. That might sound lame to some, but it was just perfect for me. Saturday night we went to Nightingale9 for palate-inspiring Vietnamese food. I think I enjoyed if even more being with this food-loving group, as we tried to break down each exciting dish to figure out how to make it at home. Sunday morning we made Sugar and Charm’s lemon ricotta pancakes, adding freezer blueberries, and they were SO GOOD, almost dessert-like but I didn’t feel crummy afterward.

A couple weeks ago, I read this post on Remedial Eating. (<–If you’re not reading Molly’s blog, you should – relatable, moving writing and lovely recipes.) Her description of losing her identity as an avid reader in the early years of parenthood is reminiscent of an iceberg I’m just beginning to tread. During my down time this week, I made an effort to pick up my old favorite habit by diving into Mary Oliver’s Blue Pastures, filled with short prose passages that are ideal for grounding oneself when only snippets of time present themselves. It’s my new meditation.

I also read this WSJ piece on The New Gentleman Farmer, which had me alternating between rolling eyes and idealistic optimism about the future of small, organic farms. My favorite part: “…on an organic farm, weeding can be far more labor intensive because it can involve actual weeding.”

Rick (<–Follow him on Twitter for podcasts and articles about All Things Interesting) shared a Pew Research article on The Rise in Stay-at-Home Mothers. This is another one that left me with mixed emotions, especially since the reasons for the shift weren’t what I expected.

Although I wasn’t creating this weekend, my blog friends were all out there killin it:

Ashley made vegan parmesan cheese that I can’t wait to try now that I finally purchased hemp seeds. When we had vegan friends over for dinner this week (or should I say, good friends who happen to be vegan…), everyone (toddlers included) devoured a salad coated with her hemp seed dressing. That dressing is what got me back into raw, tender greens this spring.

Two lemonade posts to help you get excited about warm weather: Honestly Yum’s herbal lemonade station with beautiful herb-infused syrups and With Food + Love’s green lemonade, booze optional – another way to experiment with my juicer!

Speaking of juice, Lady & Pups posted a genius recipe for torched salmon in green juice sauce. This is the best kind of ridiculous and the photos are enticing.

I don’t pin DIY projects terribly often, since I’m not likely to actually go through with them. Buuuut this small space cafe corner on offbeat + inspired looks like something we could do – maybe not in this apartment but I’m keeping it in mind.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a short Zane video. If anything brings me happiness throughout the week, it’s this kid. Check out his new favorite slide technique:

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