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coffee beans | Sarah E Crowder Photography


I started this blog over three years ago, during which time I have published 120 posts. More notably, once you take out life updates and freelance recaps, you’re left with about 25 recipes – not a lot to have accomplished between fall of 2012 and now. You see, about three months after I published my first recipe on Punctuated, I got my first freelance gig. From that point on, I had a hard time finding the motivation to create just for this space. Between babies and my sanity, I spent any spare energy on work that paid.

For a long time, I thought I wanted to be like the food bloggers who drew me into this world in the first place, but I’ve finally realized my career path is different. In 2015, I had found new sources of inspiration, in both the food world and the entrepreneur community more generally, that helped me zero in on what gets me excited and expand my thinking about how I might be a successful freelancer and business owner.

I’m still freelancing as a recipe developer and writer, but this year I also launched Sarah E Crowder Photography, where I capture audience-building images for food-related businesses to use on their websites and social media. I feel like I’ve found my stride with the business and am looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2016. I’m working with dreamy clients, pushing myself technically and artistically, and spending spare pockets of time working on a photography ebook for food entrepreneurs.

All this to say I’ve stopped kidding myself that I’ll ever dedicate enough energy to Punctuated to make it worthwhile, and this will probably be my last post here. If you’re interested in following Sarah E Crowder photography or my freelance food blogging, I will continue to be active on Instagram and my new Facebook page. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you around the web.

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