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Scrolling through my recent photos reinforced the very real need to bring more photography backgrounds into my prop arsenal. The architectural detail in our apartment is part of its charm, but the molding in all of my photos is becoming overkill. It’s also difficult to plan a shoot around, and can make getting things leveled and cropped correctly more challenging. Anyway, that should be a fun pieces of the puzzle to toy around with. In the meantime, here are links to some of my recent work, accompanied by copious molding photos…


honey oat smash cake-10


Last week I had a guest post at Yummy Toddler Food, and it is indeed yummy and for toddlers, but I highly recommending making this honey oat smash cake even if you don’t have a first birthday to celebrate. Made with oat flour (so it’s gluten-free), sweetened only with honey, layered with Greek yogurt frosting, and topped with fresh summer berries, it’s a wholesome way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s so healthy that sometimes we even eat it for breakfast!


chicken menu


The last day of August my first in a series of weeknight recipes for The Kitchn went live: roasted chicken with lemon and sage. The collection of meals starts with this simple but really delicious chicken (cooked atop potatoes that soak up all those flavorful chicken drippings); the dinners transition naturally from one to the next, using up every bit of the bird and any other leftovers. Follow along on The Kitchn each day this week, including a comprehensive meal planning post to tie it all together at the end.


champagne cupcakes-7


These champagne cupcakes have a secret, and it’s not the bubbly in the batter and frosting. The tinted frosting is a hint: each cupcake has a raspberry jam filling. Make them the next time you have something to celebrate, or make the cupcakes your reason to celebrate. Cheers!


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These fresh fruit soda floats are a more natural (and customizable) way to enjoy an ice cream float. You can do this with pretty much any fruit you’d like, although I suggest you bookmark this one for next year’s sour cherry season. SO GOOD.


veggie smoothies for kids-2


If you or your kids are looking incorporate more vegetables in your diet, give these colorful smoothie recipes for Hellobee a go. For every smoothie, I can find a way to add more roughage. I’m particularly smitten with the carrot cake smoothie.


acai bowls-4


And since I could talk about smoothies all day, especially since it’s still hot and humid here in the Northeast, I’m also here to encourage you to make acai bowls for breakfast. I have tips and recipes for you, but more importantly a little push to give them a try if you haven’t already.

Stay cool.

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